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    A creator needs only one enthusiast to justify him.

    -Man Ray

Number 3 By M. Candor

Aug 20

He bellows, bellows
portly with a port
stoles and cigarettes encircle him
and he shepherds the young boy’s eyes
now he’s a minister of the sacrament, kneeling
and the boy is smitten and waiting
with puerile curiosity
and the man says,
“son, have a drink”

Number 2 By M. Candor

Aug 18

captured in the fibers
of a goosy knit sweater
I sit waiting for laundry day

I notice a terrycloth towel draped and soupy,
and through these fibers I spot a darling sprite,
and she’s got her head cocked back
like she’s singing to the sunshine

we’ll meet on Tuesday, my love

excerpt from journal found in dryer lint trap